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Autumn + L.A.T.E tuber (Please read below)*

Autumn + L.A.T.E tuber (Please read below)*


7 x Packets of Seeds


L.A.T.E dahlia tuber

Back in stock soon
  • What's in the mix



    Reminiscent of those warm golden tones of autumn.


    Rudbeckia - Sahara 

    Verbena  Hastata - Pink Spires

    Daucus - Chocolate Lace

    Aster - Matsumoto Apricot 

    Amaranthus - Coral Fountains

    Phlox - Cherry Caramel - Substituted with Phlox Creme Brulee due to supply issues with Cherry Caramel

    Strawflower - Burnt Orange


    I particularly love allowing daucus to 'go to seed' which creates these wonderful textural green nests.

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