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'Jumping June' Heart Foundation Fundraiser - Mixed Dahlia Seeds

'Jumping June' Heart Foundation Fundraiser - Mixed Dahlia Seeds


Dahlia variabilis


Approx 20 seeds

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  • How to make these beauties grow



    Sow: Indoors 6-8 Weeks before your last frost, seedlings are frost tender


    How: 3mm Deep. Transplant outside once danger of frost has passed and big enough to handle.


    Space: 50cm   


    Height: Variable   


    Where: Full Sun


    Days to maturity: 100-120 days


    Pick: 3/4 of the floret are open. 3-5 days vase life.





  • Notes from the garden




    I did controlled open pollination in my dahlia garden. Prior to collecting these seeds I chopped back all the dahlias with traits I did not desire, and removed any already formed seed heads. what dahlias are growing in my neighbours lovely gardens is out of my control. 

    All dahlia seedlings will flower, set seed and form tubers in their first year. Tubers can be left in the ground or dug up and stored depening on your climate and personal choice. 

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