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Geum 'Prairie Smoke'


Geum Prairie Smoke Seeds - Curious perennial with unique fluffy seed heads.


Geum triflorum


Approx 20 Seeds


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    What a delight Geum Triflorum is - I love all the 'common' names - Old mans whiskers, Lions beard and Prairie Smoke is my particular fave. This perennial has pretty pinky-red flowers, however it's all about the unique long feathery seed heads.


    She's abit of a tricky one to germinate, and a test of patience, but ooh so worth it! I've got several plants happily growing away and I've never wanted a flower to set seed as quickly as I do with Geum Triflorum


    *Note the images of this all swirled up is not its natural form - you have to do this yourself. 



  • How to make these beauties grow



    Sow: Anytime or sow in Autumn to allow natural germination to take its course over winter.


    How: Surface sow and cover lightly with vermiculite. Keep warm for 4 weeks then cold stratify for 4-6 weeks, Repeat until germination occurs.

    Autumn sown seeds – leave outside (do not allow to dry out) and let mother nature take her course. This plant is native to arctic North America, so cold stratifcation or a cold winter is required for germiantion to occur. 


    Space: 50cm


    Height: 45cm


    Where: Full sun, does not like wet feet


    Days to Maturity: 365 days


    Pick: When the flowers are just opening (7 days+ vase life) or when the seed heads have formed



  • Notes From The Garden




    Germination is very erratic - do not discard sown seed trays hastily.


    Seedlings are slow growing and hate being disturbed. I've grow these in Mini 4 soil blocks (5cm) so they do not need to be distrubred or 'potted on' whilst still juvenile. 


    Once established very hardy like all other geums. My first year plants have grown really well - but have not flowered this year. Do not expect flowers until the 2nd year of growth.


    my experience sowing these has been interesting. I've actaully had a lot of seedlings pop up when I've used a heat mat - after around 4 weeks, I've potted these on (soil blocks) and cold stratified and then had success with more seedlings popping up. 



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