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Salvia 'Fairy Queen'

Salvia 'Fairy Queen'


Salvia fairy queen seeds - A beautiful bi-coloured salvia with lavender blue and white flowers. Bushy plant with long straight stems - perfect for cutting.


Salvia farinacea


Approx 20 Seeds


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  • How to make these beauties grow



    Sow: Mid Spring. 6-8 weeks before the last frost.


    How: Surface sow and lightly cover. Light required for germination. Warm temperatures required for germination 18-24°C, min temp. 18°C. Germination can be erratic, especially if a warm temp. is not maintained.


    Space: 20cm   


    Height: 45- 60cm   


    Where: Full sun


    Days to Maturity: 120 days


    Pick: When ¾ of the flowers are open. Can be dried.



  • Notes From The Garden



    Quick flowering - 4 months from seed


    Pinch to encourage a bushier plant if not growing for cut flower purposes. 


    Photo: Benary

  • Lets talk about them




    Easy to grow flower filler. Tall stems with delicate bicoloured flowers.

    Really versatile can be used fresh or dried - a must grow. 

    I really dig salvia, its one of those enigmas between flower and foliage - sometimes its exactly what you need in a bouquet. 

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