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Stock 'Vintage Rose’

Stock 'Vintage Rose’


Stock Vintage Rose seeds - Dusky Rose Blooms


Matthiola incana


Approx 20 seeds

Back in stock soon
  • Lets talk about them



    Stock - such an ugly name for a beautiful flower that smells amazing. 

    A real springtime queen, beautiful pastel shades, ranunculus and stock are the most perfect spring love story. I grow it en masse every year - it's super easy to grow and low maintenance.


    55-60% Double blooms without selection

  • How to make these beauties grow



    Sow: Autumn and overwinter. Or early spring 8-10 weeks before the last frost.


    How: Surface sow and lightly cover with vermiculite. Light required for germination. Autumn sown seeds need to be overwintered in a cold frame or greenhouse. Can tolerate light frosts.


    Space: 10-15cm   


    Height: 40-70cm   


    Where: Sun - Partial shade


    Days to Maturity: 90-100 Days


    Pick: When 1/3 to 1/2 of the florets are open


    Hardy Annual

  • Notes From The Garden



    Stock produce either single or double flowers. If you wish to be selective once germinated chill your seedlings for a few days. Doubles are pale green and often more oval or fused cotyledons. Singles are dark green and more round.


    DO NOT PINCH. Stock pay for their beauty in being a 1 cut wonder. 

    But! it's a fabulous crop for flipping and bed prepping. By the time stock has finished flowering it's just the right time to plant summer annuals. Also cut the stock off right at the base and leave the roots in the soil to help improve your soil health and structure. 


    Photo: Johnnys Seeds

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