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Sweet Pea 'White Pearl'

Sweet Pea 'White Pearl'


Perennial sweet pea 'White Pearl' Seeds - A perennial variety of sweet pea, which comes back year after year. Upto 7 flowers on each stem and lasting over 5 days in the vase. Scentless.

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  • How to make these beauties grow

    Sow: Autumn or spring 


    How: Sow 3mm and cover. Warm temperatures of 20 degrees required for germination


    Space: 20cm


    Height: over 2m+


    Where: Full sun


    Pick: When the bottom 3 flowers have opened



  • Notes From The Garden



    This is super crazy tall perennial variety. Staking or trellis or anything to ramble along is essential for this sweet pea. 


    Slightly nicking the sweet pea with sandpaper or clippers can aid germination.


    This sweetpea is scentless.

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