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Sweet Rocket 'Lilac and White'

Sweet Rocket 'Lilac and White'


Sweet Rocket seeds in white and deep lavender - Delicate looking, but really robust flowers, delicious scent and amazing vase life! I love sweet rocket. 


Hesperis matronalis


Approx. 25 seeds 





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    An old fashioned cottage garden flower which is very much coming back into fashion. I can very much see why, with very pretty delicate flowers in varying shades from white, pale lavender and purple. a wonderful scent which fills the evening air (or your house). Tall billowy flowers its perfect as a bouquet filler.



  • How to make these beauties grow




    Sow: Mid spring, 6-8 weeks before the last frost. Or autumn for overwintering.


    How: Sow 3mm deep. If planted in autumn plant out 6 weeks before your first frost.


    Space: 30-45cm


    Height: 90cm


    Where: Sun - Partial shade


    Days to Maturity: 365 - However my autumn sown plants flowered in the 1st year. 


    Pick: When 1/3 of the flowers are open. Like tulips sweet rocket keeps growing in the vase. 



  • Notes From The Garden



    Keep deadheading the flowers to prevent it setting seed during the summer.


    Towards the end of the summer do allow some flowers to set seed and sweet rocket will naturally self-sow and naturalise in your garden (If you wish).


    I only grew the purple variety this year. However this is a mixed variety.


    Photo: Photo: Chilterns Seeds and Barrhill Blooms

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