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Tweedia 'Sky Blue'

Tweedia 'Sky Blue'


Tweedia Sky Blue seeds - A true rare pure blue flower - a stunning cut flower


Oxypetalum caeruleum


Approx 15 seeds


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    I'm a huge fan of blue flowers - I love the eccentricity of sneaking a little pop of blue into any flower work. 


    Tweedia is a really rarity in the garden - a divine pure blue flower! An absolute must grow. 



  • How to make these beauties grow

    Sow: Autumn to late spring.


    How: Surface sow and cover lightly with vermiculite. Keep warm for 4 weeks then cold stratify for 2weeks if germination has not occured. Autumn sown seeds – leave outside (do not allow to dry out) and let mother nature take her course. Germination can be erractic.


    Space: 30cm   


    Height: 40- 80cm   (depening if you pinch or not)


    Where: Sun - but keep the roots moist


    Days to Maturity: 150days


    Pick: When the flowers are fully open. The stems release a milky sap - so dip the ends in boiling water for 20 seconds



  • Notes from the garden



    Tweedia stems can be sticky - so make it yor last flower to harvest. 


    Tweedia is also part of the Milkweed family (Swan plants etc) and much loved by our dear monarch butterflies.


    Pinch if you prefer a bushier plant.


    Image: Evanthia

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