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Zinnia 'Cresto Peachy Pink'

Zinnia 'Cresto Peachy Pink'


Zinnia Cresto Peachy Pink seeds - Fun variety with crested blooms in light pink to peach and all the shades in between.


Zinnia elegans


Approx 25 Seeds


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  • Lets talk about them



    Cresto! Zinnia is fun variety with big fluffy crested tops. Specifically bred to have a high percentage of crested blooms


    Zinnia is super easy to grow, low maintenance and heat tolerant (In fact they thrive in the heat). A true cut and come again flower, which will grace you with blooms all summer long, right up to the first frost.


  • How to make these beauties grow




    Sow: Late Spring 4-6 weeks before the last frost. Direct sow once danger of frost has passed.


    How: Sow to 3mm deep. Zinnia do not love being transplanted so soil blocking recommended if not direct sowing. Stressed plants are more likely to produce single blooms.


    Space: 20-30cm


    Height: 75cm


    Where: Full Sun


    Days to Maturity: 75-90 days


    Pick: Give it a wiggle, if its floppy it's not ready to be picked.




  • Notes From The Garden



    Nip out the initial bud to encourage branching and bloom production (althought Zinnias are so productive I've never found this necessary - especailly if harvesting for cut flowers).


    Early stems can be short but elongate as the summer progresses. Don't be afraid to harvest deeply.


    I do find Zinnias are like making pancakes. The first lot of flowers are abit rubbish, but they really get into their stride as the summer heats up. If your 1st flowers aren't multilayered beauties, be patient.


    Zinnias have a fabulous vase life, but make the water dirty quickly, so change daily if possible.


    Photo: Barrhill Blooms 

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