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Hello Flower lovers, welcome! 

At Barrhill Blooms our motto is for flower lovers everywhere - and it's true, near or far I just adore spreading my love for flowers to everyone whether that's through seeds, creating bouquets of flowers, or sharing all my knowledge of how to grow (flowers) through my Notes From The Garden or Instagram. 

Barrhill Blooms started as a boutique flower seed merchant, that very naturally, and quickly grew into establishing a micro flower farm too. The pair went hand in hand and we relish the natural harmonious relationship between being a seed merchant and grower of beautiful flowers. 

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Learn all about our flower farm, our practice's and what we grow

The origins of Barrhill Blooms

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I’m Kate, originally from Yorkshire (England), I'm now lucky enough to live in a unique little place called Barrhill (South Island, NZ) looking out to the majestic Southern Alps on some of the most deliciously fertile dirt you can find - I'm lucky enough to share this slice of paradise with my partner, twin daughters and two crazy border collies.


For as long as I can remember I have always loved plants and flowers, I studied physical geography at university and have led a lifetime intertwined with a deep curiosity and love of the natural world. My houses have always been adorned with fresh bunches of seasonal blooms and overflowing with house plants. When we moved into our forever home my super green fingers have naturally made their way out into the garden and this is what has brought us here - to Barrhill Blooms. 


I yearned to grow an abundance of flowers, so I bring bunches into our home or make bouquets for friends. I felt frustrated I couldn't find the seeds I wanted, or the flowers I was so familiar with that I could so freely and easily source in my native country was not available here in New Zealand. This love of flowers has lead me here - I've searched in every forgotten cupboard, down the back of every sofa, high, low and across the world to bring you (and me) the best variety of flower seeds I can find. I'm here for every backyard gardener, budding cut flower grower and the green finger wannabees - I've purposely made smaller packets at more affordable prices (I don't need 50 cosmos plants - who rarely does?).

Every packet of seeds is hand packed by me, and any new batches of seeds are germination tested - so you know you're only getting the best. I have a strong ethos on reducing our plastic waste and being as sustainable as possible. I could talk about my of love soil blocking all morning long - well at least over a cup of tea.


But I’ll end it here with my biggest tip of all, whether you're gardening in your mismatch pyjamas or seeking some solace, flowers will never judge. So go ahead give it your best and grow all the beauties you can. 


Happy growing - Kate xx

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