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Cut Flower Dahlias

Dahlias are the true queens of summer, in every shape, size, form and colour, there is literally a dahlia for everyone.


Previous years I have offered a small curated selection of dahlia tubers for sale each spring - but I'm not cut out for the crazy dahlia sales, it's just not my vibe, so I will no longer be having a large tuber.

I will have limited amount available in our summer seed collections and offering a selection of our most covet varieties at our dahlia workshops in the spring.


The reality is for super small flower growers, like me, the incredible amount of work that goes into producing NZ grown tubers is mind boggling and often under appreciated - the digging, storing, dividing, sterilising equipment, checking and re- checking for quality, makes my back break just thinking about it. I have made the choice to leave most of my dahlias in the ground this season, and begin to enjoy them again instead of dread the annual dig and divide. 

But here is a gallery of all my favourite cut flower dahlias varieties with all tubers available in New Zealand

- Coming soon -

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