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Alchemilla Mollis 'Lady's Mantle'

Alchemilla Mollis 'Lady's Mantle'


Alchemilla Mollis Irish Silk seeds - Also known as Lady's Mantle and Thriller.


Alchemilla Mollis 


Approx 20 seeds

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    Often overlooked by gardeners in search of something more exciting, the unpretentious Lady's Mantle is extremely useful for both its foliage and its flowers. The lovely pleated leaves that are soft grey-green with scalloped margins. 


    The blossoms of Alchemilla mollis are just as extraordinary as the foliage; they consist of airy clouds of tiny, delicate flowers of a priceless chartreuse colour. This most valuable cooling green-yellow is a superb companion to almost all colours, especially violets, blues, whites and best of all, pinks. They also soften the harsher oranges and yellows

  • How to make these beauties grow



    Sow: Spring


    How: Surface sow and cover with a light dusting of seed raising mix. 


    Space: 30-40cm


    Height: 45-60cm


    Where: Full sun to partial shade



  • Notes From The Garden



    Cut back after the 1st flower flush to encourage a 2nd.


    Can be dried - makes a beautiful dried flower


    Photo: Sarah Raven

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