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Ammi 'Graceland'


Ammi Graceland Seeds - Big white whimsical lacey umbels - perfect cottage garden feel.


Ammi majus


Approx 20 seeds


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    Long strong straight stems with beautiful white whimsical lacey umbels. Also known as false queens anne’s lace




  • How to make these beauties grow


    Sow: Autumn or 6-8 weeks before the last frost.


    How: Surface sow and cover lightly (around 1mm deep). Ammi doesn’t particularly love being transplanted so soil blocking recommended.


    Space: 15-30cm   


    Height: 1m+   


    Where: Sun


    Days to Maturity: 65 - 125 days (depending if autumn or spring sown)


    Pick: When ½ the flowers are open. Take care when harvesting as the irritating sap can burn skin – always wear gloves and long sleeves (although personally I've never had any issues I feel best to warn you). Always pick at the coolest time of the day as she loves to sulk and wilt. 5 - 7+ days vase life.


    Hardy Annual

  • Notes from the garden

    If you are sowing in the spring chill the seeds for 1-2 weeks prior to sowing. Seeds planted in the autumn will produce bigger more substantial plants. Succession sowing recommended to maintain quality plants.

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