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Ammobium 'Winged Everlast'

Ammobium 'Winged Everlast'


Ammobium winged everlast seeds - Petite sprays of everlasting daisies. Exceptionally tall and perfect for drying. Also known as paper daisies.


Ammobium Elatum


Minimum 50 Seeds

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    Think feverfew, but lasts forever. Masses of little daisy like flowers with pearly papery leaves. A wonderful flower as filler, and perfect drying. Best grown as an annual.


  • How to make these beauties grow

    Sow: Indoors 4-6 weeks before your last frost.


    How: Sow to 2mm deep 


    Space: 20cm   


    Height: 35-55cm   


    Where: Full sun


    Days to Maturity: 70 - 80 days


    Pick: When the flowers are just starting to open and showing their yellow centres. 7+days vase life or can be dried


  • Notes from the garden

    Keep deadheading to encourage plenty of flowers. If growing as a perennial divide the clumps every few years (Grow as annual in areas that experience heavy frosts). 

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