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Apples of Peru

Apples of Peru


Apples of Peru - also know as 'shoo fly plant'  Seeds - Beautiful filler with lush green toothy leaves and papery lantern like seed podsAn absolute workhorse and easy to grow.


Nicandra physalodes


Approx 20 seeds



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  • How to make these beauties grow



    Sow:  Early spring. 4-6 Weeks before the last frost


    How: Surface sow and cover very lightly


    Space: 40cm


    Height: Massive  (1m+)


    Where: Full Sun


    Days to Maturity: 90-100 days


    Pick: Once the seed pods (lanterns) have formed. 



  • Garden Notes



    Wait until the blue flowers have turned to beautiful pods before picking. Strip the leaves to make the pods stand out.


    Can become a bit of a triffid - growing vigorously under the best conditions - so chop back heavily if required, or contain in pots. 


    Image: Floret



  • Lets talk about them



    Apple of Peru is such a wonderful workhorse. Lovely filler for bouquets with its lush green toothy leaves and curious lantern like seed pods. Ever since seeing Floret grow this, I just knew I had to grow this too - I think my favourite part of creating anything with flowers is adding in the curiuos or unusual textural elements just at the end.

    Image: Floret 

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