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Argentine Forget Me Not

Argentine Forget Me Not


Argentine forget me not seeds - delicate white flowers, a beautiful wispy delicate filler.


Omphalodes linifolia


Approx 25 seeds

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  • Lets talk about them



    A slender, branching Forget-me-not type flower, with narrow grey-green foliage and masses of petite white flowers. The most perfect wispy airy accent. 

  • How to make these beauties grow



    Sow: 6-8 weeks before the last frost. Mid spring.  


    How: 6mm deep. Direct sow as forget me not dislikes root disturbance. Soil blocking perfect alternative to direct sowing. 


    Space: 30cm


    Height: 35-45cm


    Where: Sun


    Days to Maturity: 110-120 Days 


    Pick: When 1/4 of the flowers are open. Sear the ends in boiling water for 20 seconds.



  • Notes From The Garden



    Will self-seed easily - dead head regularly if you do not want these naturalise in your garden


    Photo: Stocks and Green

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