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Astrantia 'Rose Symphony'

Astrantia 'Rose Symphony'


Astrantia Major Seeds - Tiny pearly coloured flowers which are surrounded by papery bracts in lush shades pale pink to deep rose


Astrantia Major


Approx 15 seeds


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    Astrantia will happily flower all summer long through to autumn. Deadheading highly recommended (if you aren't cutting it for flowers) to encourage more blooms. A fabulous cut flower, lasting forever in the vase or can even be dried.


    Like all perennials she’s a pain in the… to germinate, but worth the trouble. Astrantia loves it sunny, but prefers wet feet, so keep the roots moist.




  • How to make these beauties grow

    Sow: Anytime or sow in Autumn for natural germination.


    How: Surface sow and cover lightly with vermiculite. Keep warm for 4 weeks then cold stratify for 12 weeks. Autumn sown seeds – leave outside (do not allow to dry out) and let mother nature take her course.


    Space: 30cm   


    Height: 60cm   


    Where: Sun - but keep the roots moist


    Days to Maturity: Upto 365 days


    Pick: When the flowers are fully open. Can be dried. 



  • Notes from the garden



    Plants in the shade grow longer stem length.

    Germination is slooooooooooooooooow. Astrantia requires a long cool period for germination to occur (cold stratify for 6 weeks if not autumn sown) Be patient,  do not discard sown seed trays hastily.


    I've had amazing success germianting astrantia by using the following method:

    Chill in the fridge for 6 weeks (damp kitchen roll in a bag)

    Sow - and place trays outside in winter. Was subjected to fluctuating temps of down -5 at night and warm day time temps. Approx 4 weeks later my seeds germinated (woohoo!)


    Divide clumps every few years.


    Image: Peter Nyssen

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