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BioAg - Ful-Humix

BioAg - Ful-Humix


OMRI Listed for Organic Use


  • Fulvic and Humix Acid

    Ful-Humix is a soluble, concentrated humic acid and powerful soil/nutrient activator. In the root zone it reduces the uptake of sodium, aluminum and other metals that negatively affect plants. Ful-Humix prevents the tie up of nutrients and trace elements through chelation and complexing. Using BioAg Ful-Humix is a natural partnership with other fertilisers (Seaweed/Comfrey etc), as it massively increases  the effectiveness of your other supplements and nutrients, giving you most bang for you buck! (I've always wanted to say that). 



    -Improves soil structure.

    -Retains and reliquishes nutrients and water (self-regulating)

    -Stimulates microbial activity.

    -Improves drought tolerance.

    -Builds plant immunity.

    -Stimulates microbial activity.

    -Promotes growth and yields.


    Bit of history reading for you: 

    Dr Robert Faust is a world leading agronomist and regenerative agriculture specialist who has spent nearly 40 years studying humates and their application. Dr Faust's Bioag company is renowned for their research and applied knowledge within the regenerative agriculture sphere.

    Bioag Ful-Humix is the culmination of this research, and is the best source of fulvic acid and humates on the market. With an estimated age of 45 million years and derived from fresh water deposits of cretaceous large leaf plants, the humic substances within the Bioag Ful-Humix are high in all the important bio-stimulating fractions.

    Bioag Ful-Humix has undergone a unique and rigorous extraction process which leaves it incredibly stable, and if kept dry, will last indefinitely.

    Bioag Ful-Humix is 85% water soluble. Due to the specialised extraction method there will be 15% insoluble humin and mineral, if you're using a sprayer, settle this portion out and add it to your outside garden soil.
    Imported from the USA, Dr Faust's Bioag is OMRI certified for Organic use.

  • How to use


    Seed Soak:

    1/4 tsp per 4ltr; soak tomato seeds 72 hrs, cabbage & squash 48 hrs, potatoes 12 hrs, and most other vegetable seeds 24 hrs before planting. Water seedlings at transplanting with the same rate.

    Flower/Vege Garden use:

    1/8 - 1/4 tsp per 4ltr every watering or as a foliar spray

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