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Campanula 'Champion Pro White'

Campanula 'Champion Pro White'


Campanula Champion Pro White Seeds - 1st year flowering. Feminine airy vibes, a late spring classic. Crisp, white, elegant - a must grow for spring.


Campanula medium


Minimum 15 seeds (pelleted)

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  • Lets talk about them



    I confess I think I have PTSD the 1st time I grew campanula! I blindly bought a packet from the shops - it didn't flower until its 2nd year, and when it finally did, only Willy Wonka would've been proud of the colour (bright garish purple!). I was put off campanula until I discovered these stunning Champion Pro series.


    Not only are these 1st year flowering (although autumn sowing recommended for the longest stem lengths) they come in the most beautiful, tasteful spring shades.  

  • How to make these beauties grow



    Sow: Autumn for overwintering. Or winter-early spring. 


    How: Surface sow and cover lightly with vermiculite or very very lightly with seed raising mix. Keep surface moist as this helps dissolve the clay coating. 


    Space: 25-30cm   


    Height: 60-90cm


    Where: Sun


    Days to maturity: 120-150 days


    Pick: When the bottom 3-5 flowers are open. Expect a vase life of upto 2 weeks. 


    Hardy Annual

  • Notes From The Garden

    Autumn sowing highly recommended for longest stem lengths. Otherwise winter or very early spring - any later will produce short unusable stems.


    Flowers late in spring - often the perfect awkward gap filler between spring and summer.


    Photo: Johnnys Seeds

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