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Poppy 'Coral Reef'

Poppy 'Coral Reef'


Coral Reef Poppy Seeds - Perennial Poppy in pinky coral shades.


Papaver orientale


Minimum 20 seeds


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    Poppies are often overlooked in the cut flower garden, but I absolutely think they have a place. Delicate tissue paper coloured petals in the most ethereal of colours, the simple beauty of a vase full of poppies is a sight not to missed.


    Coral Reef is a perennial poppy,hoorah! low maintenace easy to grow poppy that will reward you year after year (another reason to love perennials).



  • How to make these beauties grow




    Sow: Autumn or direct sow in spring. Do not sow in grass, it will not germinate.


    How: Surface sow and lightly cover with vermiculite. Poppies despise their roots being disturbed, if not direct sowing, soil blocking is an absolute must.


    Space: 90cm


    Height: 75cm


    Where: Sun


    Days to maturity:  120-365 


    Pick: Just when buds are just showing colour at bud burst. Sear ends in boiling water for 20 seconds after harvesting.



  • Notes From The Garden



    Autumn sown plants will flower in their first year.


    Perennial poppy - will form substantial sized plants within 3 years. 


    Seedlings always look spindly and pathetic - trust in nature, they always toughen up. Just don't handle them. 


    To harvest seed - wait until the pod is fully dried and the top has opened.


    Photo: Barrhill Blooms 

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