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Dahlia Dividing & Propogation Masterclass - 29th September 2024

Dahlia Dividing & Propogation Masterclass - 29th September 2024


A fully immersive master class in dividing dahlias & propogation techniques.


Will include at least 6 tubers to take home, at least 1 cutting, up to 12 sown seeds - including the exclusive Floret Petite Florets*  and a mini Greenhouse for you to have best success at home.


*Sow a full punnet of Floret dahlias seeds (6 seeds).

  • Dahlia Master Class

    Come and join us a for a fully comprehensive and immersive master class in dividing and propagation of dahlias, giving you the confidence to divide your own dahlias at home and take your own dahlia cuttings and grow from seed.


    Delve into the crazy world that is dahlias! I’ll talk you through everything you need to know about dividing dahlias, how to maximise your tubers and best practise techniques. This will be fully hands on and your chance to divide dahlia clumps with careful guidance from me (All clumps provided by me - all 'named' varieties).


    Then we will dive into taking dahlia cuttings. I’ll show you how to ‘presprout’ your tubers and then take you through the process of taking a cutting and ‘rooting’ your cutting (from the traditional to the modern techniques). Which you will then get to do yourself, selecting your favourite dahlia from my presprouted collection to take a cutting from. 

    Then we will explore the endless madness that is growing from seed. We will sow upto 12 seeds - 6 from my own collection and 6 exclusive Floret 'Petite Florets' dahlia seeds*


    At the end of the session you will get to take home a minimum of 6 tubers, 1 cutting potted up and 12 sown seeds. You will also get a pack of propagation equipment to take home so you can take cuttings yourself.

    All the of the tubers are from my own cutting gardens and all beautiful cut flower varieties.

    Maximum of 5 people (however I will allow upto 6)


    Approx: 2 - 2 1/2 hours

    Location: Barrhill Village


    *With all seed sown dahlias I can predict or offer any certainty of what final flower will look like -  it is literally a wild pick and mix

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