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Didiscus 'White Lace'

Didiscus 'White Lace'


Didiscus Lacy White Seeds - Small delicate white umbels.


Trachymene coerulea.


Approx. 25 Seeds.


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  • Lets talk about them



    Beautiful little white umbels. Didscus has a real ammi feel to them, but a lot smaller and compact. It's a late summer flower, so has her time to shine when the orlaya is done and your bored of using ammi or daucus (I'll never get bored of daucus seed heads however).


     A subtle scent and wonderfully strong stems, I’ll put my pennies on this being the next big thing.



  • How to make these beauties grow




    Sow: Mid Spring. 6-8 weeks before the last frost.


    How: Surface sow cover very lightly with vermiculite. These ladies hate root disturbance use soil blocks if not direct sowing


    Space: 30cm   


    Height: 60cm   


    Where: Sun, but will tolerate light shade


    Days to maturity: 95-100 Days


    Pick: When the flowers are 3/4 open. Pick during the coolest part of the day otherwise this princess will wilt.



  • Notes from the garden



    Succession sow every 3-4 weeks, as these do not have the longest flowering window (around 6-8 weeks).


    Light staking maybe required.


    Seeds can be slow to germinate taking around 2-3 weeks.


    Various places suggest darkness aids germination. I've had shitty germination with my seeds when I've covered them - but perfect germination when I've surface sowed them woth a light dusting of vermiculite.


    But hey if you want to follow the suppliers advice, here it is:

    Cover lightly as darkness aids germination. 


    Photo: Johnnys Seeds 

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