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Fish Hydrolysate (Concentrate)

Fish Hydrolysate (Concentrate)


1 Litre


Seacliff Organics

  • Liquid Fishy Goodness

    This is an incredible concrentrate fish fertiliser -  manufactured by the enzymatic hydrolysis of fish to retain valuable nutrients, trace elements, amino acids, oils, natural bacteria and enzymes. All of these are essential for healhty soils and healthy plants.


    A little goes a long way as this a super concentrate

    Recommended Usage:

    • Seedlings – 3ml per litre
    • Transplanting – 5ml per litre
    • Foliar Spray – 3ml per litre
    • Indoor plants – 5-10ml per litre
    • Lawns & Fruiting trees - 10ml per litre
    • Hydroponics – 3-5ml per litre


    Pair with Seacliff Organics Tri-Kelp Powder for the ultimate garden feed.

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