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Hot Biscuits Amaranthus


Amaranthus Cruentus

Minimum 50 Seeds


Upright Amaranthus with biscuity - terracotta coloured upright spikes

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    Who doesn’t love amaranthus? with their fluffy trailing tendrils or upright spikes, perfect match to any bouquet. I could just have vases of them all over the house (sometimes i do). This hot biscuit amaranthus with its terracotta colour is so versatile in its colour palette - an absolute must grow. 


  • How to make these beauties grow

    Sow: 4-6 weeks before the last frost. Or direct sow once danger of frost has passed.


    How: Surface sow and lightly cover. Can be easily transplanted.


    Space: 20-30cm


    Height: 1m+


    Where: Full Sun


    Days to Maturity: 65-75 days


    Pick: When 3/4 of the flowers are open



  • Notes from the garden

    Amaranthus can also be dried - hang upside in a cool dark place for a few weeks to retain colour - or alternatively leave in a vase without water.

    Pinch out main growing tip to encourage side branching and more useable stems (otherwise you can end up with stems as thick as broom handles).

    Recommend staking trailing types.

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