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Marigold 'Kilimanjiro'

Marigold 'Kilimanjiro'


Kilimanjiro White Marigold seeds - Tall stunning 'white' marigolds - these are very pale creamy shade giving it its 'white' name.


Tagetes erecta nana


Approx 20 seeds

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  • Lets talk about them



    These marigolds are fabulous!  and what a story!


    It took 21 years and thousands of dollars to develop a white marigold that made its debut in 1975. By growing 'Kilimanjaro White', you become a part of the horticultural history and determination that led this seed to your very garden. Burpee Seed Company spent 56 years of searching and breeding before finding success. After years of trying, David Burpee offered $10,000 to the first home gardener who sent in the right seeds to help make a real white variety; thousands of gardeners responded for years. One lady, Alice Vonk of Sully, Iowa, sent seeds for 21 years, and in 1975, Burpee awarded her the coveted prize for her work—after the company had spent more than five decades and $250,000 testing during the contest years. Now there are several white varieties, including this beauty that was developed bya Dutch seed company, on a farm on Mount Kilimanjaro.


    Cool eh?


    (Thank you both Rare Seeds and Botanical Interest for that story)

  • How to make these beauties grow



    Sow: 4-6 weeks before the last frost or late spring. Can be direct sown after the danger of frost has passed.  


    How: Surface sow – do not cover. Needs light to germinate. Warms tempertaures needed for germination 21-24°C, use a heat mat if required.


    Space: 25cm


    Height: 45cm


    Where: Full sun


    Days to Maturity: 80-95 Days 


    Pick: When the flowers are fully open but the flowers are still tight.



  • Notes From The Garden



    Flowers will vary, some will be double, some single and some have blown centres.

    Pinch to encourage branching. However if growing for cut flower production - do not pinch to obtain the longest stems. 

    Dead head regularly to encourage more blooms. 

    Drought tolerant - but will stop flowering in extreme heat.

    Frost tender.



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