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Ranunculus Milka

Ranunculus Milka


Italian ranunculus - Milka - another firm favourite. Incredible stem length and rich smokey mauve - deep purple tones. 


Ranunculus asiaticus


20 Seeds




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  • How to make these beauties grow



    Sow: January - April


    How: Surface sow and cover lightly


    Space: 15-20 cm


    Height: 20-50cm


    Where: Full sun to partial shade - can handle shade very well, and those planted in areas that are shaded in the afternoon will flower a lot longer than those in full sun (these are a cool flower similar to ranunculus). Planting in shade will also help elongate the stems. 


    Days to Maturity: 180-200 days


    Pick: At the marshmallow stage (when the bud is in full colour and its squishy when you squeeze it). Expect 10-14 days vase life.

  • Notes From The Garden



    Easy to grow from seed, just a little slow. These take 2-3 weeks to germinate and are seemingly slow growing initially. However, without fail they will produce flowers within 6 months of being grown from seed. Prefers cooler temps to germinate - however they will still germinate in warm temps, just a little more sporadically and the strike rate maybe a bit lower.


    The stem length is amazing and equal to that of corm grown plants.  The plants will also produce a corm in the 1st year which can be harvest and stored at the end of the flowering season. Or left in the garden and they will re-grow again from corms the following season. 


    Powdery Mildew is a real pest on ranunculus and something to keep an eye out for and deal with swiftly at the 1st signs. Aphids also find ranunculus delicious - so deal with according to your own preferred pest control methods. 

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