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Seacliff Organics Opulent Bloom Mix

Seacliff Organics Opulent Bloom Mix


Seacliff Organics




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  • Let me introduce The most epic ORGANIC FERTILISER


    Think about is as the equivalent of your Mums Sunday roast, complete with crispy roast spuds and yorkshire puddings (if you know what this absolute delicacy is) - but for your flowers, the absolute king of nourishment. Your blooms will  absolutely lap all this goodness up and thank you all summer long.


    Let me introduce you to Seacliff Organics Opulent Bloom Mix. This is a dry amendment nutrient mix designed to take your flowers to the next level with a hearty boost of potassium, phosphorous and magnesium to ensure an easy nutrient uptake. The Seacliff Organics Opulent Bloom Mix helps to promote vigorous flowering designed specifically for heavy feeding plants in their flowering phase to increase resin production and flower density in soil media. 


    You can Thank me next July for this epic fertiliser.



  • How to use

    Simply topdress, cover with a fresh layer of compost or worm castings (the ideal source of complete biology) and water in!


    Apply 2-6 cups per 50L of soil, or 1-3 cups per square meter. This is best used mixed with compost at 1:1 to 1:1.5 scratched into topsoil, mulched and watered in.


    Topdress 1 - 3 times during flower


    Full batch analysis below;


    NPK 1.6/9.5/5.1 + 3.9 Sulfur

    -Nitrogen % 1.6

    -Phosphorus % 9.5

    -Potassium % 5.1

    -Acid Soluble Sulfur % 3.9

    -Calcium % 23.4

    -Magnesium % 11

    -Sodium % 0.5

    -Iron % 0.10

    -Copper mg/kg 52

    -Manganese mg/kg 200

    -Zinc mg/kg 200

    -Boron mg/kg 120

    -Cobalt mg/kg 7

    -Molybdenum mg/kg 18

    -Selenium mg/kg 27



    Fish bone meal, langbeinite, Gypsum, Potash, TM7, Biophos

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