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Snapdragon 'Costa Light Pink'

Snapdragon 'Costa Light Pink'


Costa Light Pink summer snapdragon seeds -  Costa summer series flower all summer long. Airy blush pink snapdragon.


Antirrhinum majus


Approx 20 seeds


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  • Lets talk about them



    Growing up in England I just cannot help but call Snapdragons by their english name (and I struggle to say the latin name). beautiful long strong stems covered in little ruffly butterfly like flowers. Superb for cut flowers.




  • How to make these beauties grow



    Sow:  8-10 weeks before the last frost, or late autumn and overwinter in a greenhouse or cold frame. Can tolerate frosts if planted out.


    How: Surface and sprinkle with vermiculite. Snaps need light to germinate.


    Space: 10 (unpinched) - 25cm (pinched)


    Height: 1m+


    Where: Sun


    Days to Maturity: 110-115 days 


    Pick: When the bottom 3 flowers are open. 7days+ Vase life


    Hardy Annual 

  • Notes from the garden



    I’ve found snaps can be a bit slow and erratic to germinate so be patient.


    Pinching is optional, but recommended if wanting multiple stems for cut flowers. I prefer to do a mix, as the unpinched plants flower a few weeks earlier. Pinch back to 3 sets of leaves.


    Snaps seems to intially grow really really slowly, annoyingly slow, and seem to do nothing over winter. Then suddenly take off and grow like mad. 


    Can survive hard frosts. It's hard not to shit your pants thinking its game over the 1st time you see your hard grown seedlings all frosted over and droopy - but trust me, they will be fine. 


    Photo: Evanthia

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