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Tri-Kelp Powder (ACC Organic)

Tri-Kelp Powder (ACC Organic)


Seacliff Organic


  • The only seaweed emulsion you will ever need

    A 3 KELP FREEZE-DRIED FOLIAR SPRAY AND FERTIGATION PRODUCT, THIS IS AS GOOD AS A KELP PRODUCT GETS. Your blooms will thank you all season long with this absolutely delicious kelp nourishment.


    A superb foliar spray.


    Tri-Kelp contains a blend of the three most popular growth-promoting species Laminaria, Sargassum, and Ascophyllum Nodosum. This blend is freeze-dried to make a 100% water-soluble powder for a cost-effective kelp solution.


    This blend of seaweed is perfect to promote growth or flowering and adds de-stressing properties. Different kelp species have unique effects on plant health and crop potential depending upon their nutrient & hormonal profile. 


    Tri Kelp Contains

    Algenic acid  18%,Nitrogen  0.89%, Potassium  15.3%, Iron. 1.07% Sulfur 1.05 %, Calcium 0.45 %, Magnesium 0.17%, Silicon 445ppm, manganese 92ppm, Zinc 48ppm, Boron 46ppm, Copper 34ppm, Cobalt 8ppm, Molybdenum 5ppm


  • How to Use



    - Flowers and Vegetables 10 g per 10 L of  water up to 750 g/ha equivalent, apply every 1 – 2 weeks or as required 

    - Orchards & Vineyards 10 g per 10 L water up to 1 kg/ha equivalent Apply just prior to flowering 

    - Ornamentals, Natives & Turf 10 g per 10 L water up to 750 g/ha equivalent Apply as required 



    - Dip cuttings in 1:1000 solution (1 gram per litre) 1/3tsp



    - Dip seedlings in 1:1000 solution (1 gram per litre) 1/3tsp, or fertigate immediately after planting at 1 kg/ha. 



    - For a 9 L watering can, add 1 teaspoon of kelp and water in.



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