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Super soil blocking mixes

They is no denying I’m a dedicated soil blocking fan! It’s benefits to the health of your seedlings is astronomical. If you are not already convinced and you want to read why – click here – for my blog all about soil blocking. If you just want to get down to the bones of how to use you blocker at the bottom of this page I have put my 'how to videos'

This page is completely dedicated to soil blocking recipes – as I say in my original blog post there is no 100% right or wrong mix and I encourage you to experiment with recipes for what you personally like the best. All the elements mentioned here are readily and easily available in New Zealand.

They is 1 addition I now add to my soil blocking mix, especially if it's something I feel is a really high value flower (Snapdragons, ranunculus, larkspur etc) – it’s a little on the expensive side but 100% worth it – Seacliff Organics Next Gen Root formula.

The OG recipe

My true tried and tested recipe – this is always the base of all my mixes. The size of the 'cup' is whatever you want it to be - the proportions are the most important part, and can be scaled up and down as required. (Using a pretty standard mug this makes approx 50 mini 4 soil blocks)

12 cups of seed raising mix

12 cups of coconut coir

6 cups of compost

3 cups of vermiculute or perlite

The Worm Wonder Mix

This is essentially my go to mix, it always produces fantastic results and strong healthy seedlings with excellent germination rates. This is what I use for my Micro soil blocks

(OG Recipe)

4 cups of worm castings

2 cups of mycorrhizal fungi

Recommended dose of Next Gen Root formula

The Super Boosted Mix

When you want to give your seedlings a boost.

(OG Recipe)

4 cups of worm castings

2 cups of mycorrhizal fungi

Recommended dose of Next Gen Root formula

1 tablespoon of aloe vera powder

Mixed with 10% sea weed and fish hydrolysate (As in 10% of usual recommended strength)

This is what I tend to use for seedlings that will sit in the micro20 blocks for a long time as they are slow growing (such as snapdragons, lisianthus and some perennials). Or I use this when making the bigger soil blocks to bump up my seedlings from the micro, as they have established root systems they are ready to absorb some additional nutrients. Just a word of caution however, too much of a good thing, can be a bad thing, so these amounts are considerably watered down compared to if I was feeding established seedlings.

Here is 2 more recipes from absolute experts in the soil blocking fan club too

Monty Don's Recipe

1 Part garden soil

1 part leaf mould

1 part garden compost

1 part grit or vermiculite

4 parts coir

Lisa Ziegler's Recipe

16 cups sifted peat moss or coco fibre (I personally do not support the use of peat moss).

4 cups sifted compost

1/4 cup greensand

1/4 cup rock phosphate powder

How to use your soil blocker videos

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